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PATTERN (PDF): The City Center Quilt Pattern (Immediate Download)

PATTERN (PDF): The City Center Quilt Pattern (Immediate Download)

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Finished Quilt Size: 56” x 56”

The City Center Quilt Pattern is made up of traditional style Courthouse Steps quilt blocks.  Courthouse Step quilt blocks are actually a variation of the Log Cabin block which enjoyed its rise to fame during the Civil War and has been a staple in the quilting world ever since.  

Like the Log Cabin, the Courthouse Steps block is built around a center square. But unlike the Log Cabin whose center square represents the heart and hearth of the home, the center square of the Courthouse Steps represents the courthouse itself...a place that at the time of this block's birth was the heart and hub of any city.  Indeed, the courthouse was the place where the community would assemble together to hear news, celebrate, hold meetings, and gather for important events.  Because it represented such an important place in the community the center square (the Courthouse) was often golden in color in these historical quilt blocks.

These versatile blocks lend themselves nicely to both a variety of color combinations and fabric styles and sew up quickly to make a lovely “couch quilt” for men, women, and children.



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