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Hello and Welcome to the Stash!

We are excited to have you join us and are looking forward to what your unique personality and perspective will add to the group! As you join, we have just a few housekeeping items to remind and/or make you aware of.

Upon enrollment, you receive access to The Stash’s private Facebook group where you will find a new PDF pattern posted the first week of each month. This pattern will be up, ready, posted and available to download throughout the entire month. Each quilt pattern will be an exclusive pattern to the Stash and will NOT be released to the public for at least 3 months from the time it was released to our group.   

Aside from the monthly PDF Pattern you will also receive:

  • Facebook live videos each month that will walk you through how to cut, sew, and select fabric for the the quilt pattern featured each month (As well as tips, tricks, and techniques along the way.)
  • A monthly recipe (That can be made quickly...giving you more time to sew!)
  • A monthly book recommendation/review
  • Entry into a monthly giveaway
  • Access to group discussions
  • Access to post your personal works in progress on the private Facebook page
  • Lots more fun posts and surprises along the way

A few more things to know:

  • Your membership with The Stash begins at time of payment and will last through February of 2021.  (New memberships for the remainder of 2021 will be available in March of 2021.)
  • Content, photos, videos, etc. will always remain posted in the Facebook group so you can go back and view them whenever you like.
  • Patterns will only be posted and available for download during their assigned month. However, if you forget to download your pattern (or misplace it), just let us know and we will email it to you as long as you were a member of the Stash during that month.

Now onto just a few more things and then the fun can begin!

We have put together a few rules to follow in the Stash’s private Facebook group. We want our group to be a safe place for everyone to share, feel included, and build a community akin to those forged in traditional quilting bees. With that said, we would ask that you abide by these simple guidelines.

Facebook Group Rules

#1. No profanity or vulgarity please.

#2. Please do not advertise your business or solicit in this group.

#3. We are asking all our members to follow the golden rule and treat others as they would like to be treated.  Please treat fellow members with respect and remember if you don’t have anything nice to say...don’t say anything at all. Only good vibes in this group. No trolls are allowed!

#4. If there are any comments, posts, photos, videos, etc. that the administrators of the group feel are in violation of any of the aforementioned rules or that they deem inappropriate for this group they reserve the right to delete those comments and posts. If this occurs, the author of the deleted item will receive a warning. If it happens again, the author will be notified and removed from the Stash.

#5. While questions and discussions are encouraged, we would ask that if you have any grievances that you would like addressed please email Elizabeth and liZ directly at simplesimonandco@gmail.com rather than airing them in the Facebook group.

Thank you for reading the terms and conditions!

We will be updating these as needed and will notify you of any changes if and when they occur. We hope you enjoy being a part of this group we are glad to have you joining us!

Updated 6/30/2019