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KIT (Doll):  18" Muslin Doll Kit

KIT (Doll): 18" Muslin Doll Kit

$ 30.00

These 18" muslin dolls are so fun to embellish!

This kit includes:

*An 18" blank muslin doll

*Instructions to make the doll a "pillow case" dress

*All the supplies needed to make the dolls dress (fabric, elastic, and ribbon)

*Free shipping is included to anywhere in the continental United States  (For any other shipping locations standard rates will apply.)

Step by step instrucions on how to make the doll dress and how to paint the hair and shoes for these dolls can be found on simplesimonandco.com

***NOTE***The fabric in the kit to make the doll dress will be one of the two diamond prints shown in the photo...if you have a preference (either pink or black) please specify that when you place your order